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Tulie Wu

7.00 AM

This is the period for my alarm to wake me up. Yes -It normally takes a while for me to leave my bed.

7.50 AM

I set another alarm to remind myself to leave the house before this time. It takes me around 40 minutes to drive to the Beca office on Pitt Street.

8.30 AM

I arrive in the office and turn on my laptop. Then I grab a nice strong long black to freshen up. I usually check my to do lists first thing in the morning so that I can organise and prioritise my tasks.

9.00 AM

First task for today is to cut some cross-section views for an intersection design I’m working on. The purpose of this task is to figure out the existing geometry of the road and to investigate how we can fit in a new roundabout. The topographical survey information is ready for use. We have access to the latest programmes to help us make everyday better for our clients. By using the Civil 3D software, I can create 3D surfaces and cross-section views wherever I want.

at the office

10.00 AM

On a Monday we have our weekly section (team) morning meeting. This is the time for the section to get together to share key updates on such issues as health and safety, safety in design, client service excellence, sustainability, financial updates and any other business. We also run a weekly team resourcing meeting to check the capacity of everyone and allocate project work to people who are light.



Today I have a site visit right after the section meeting. I pick up the company vehicle and PPE (personal protective equipment) from downstairs. When I arrive at the site, I speak to the Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) to get inducted before I enter the live site. I check on the quality and progress of the works onsite. Lots of photos are taken for future use in the site report for reference.

1.00 PM

Back to the office. I am having a slightly late lunch break today. Me and my fellow workmate usually sit next to the window, enjoy the view and take a break. Although I bring my lunch to the office regularly, there are quite a few nice restaurants nearby on K road for lunch. Or if you don’t mind a walk, Ponsonby is also a great place to get your lunch sorted.


1.30 PM

It is now time to start the site inspection report from my visit this morning. By adding the site photos to the report, I comment on health and safety, programme, quality of work and future improvements. After the report is finished, I send to my verifier to comment on the report.

4.00 PM

I have a monthly catchup with my team leader Richard. We talk about projects I have been working on during the last month and discuss feedback on how I am going. We also have conversations on what kind of projects I would love to get involved in the future. Our leadership is really supportive in helping me grow in the areas I’m most interested in.

5.00 PM

I usually update my to do lists for the next day before I log off. Work has ended but not the day!

6.00 PM

Afternoon traffic is always a bit crazy. I arrive home and cook dinner for me and my partner. I pack up our lunch for the next day at the same time.

7.30 PM

Time for the gym. This is the best time to relax your body and get stretched after a whole day’s sitting!

9.30 PM

Shower, video calls to my family overseas and it is finally time for bed!